Women's Empowerment Lessons
Women of the Bible and the Lives they Influenced
Bi-Weekly Saturdays
Beginning September 3, 2022
Virtual and In-Person 
3:00pm - 5:00pm


In this course, we will study women of the Bible from the Old and New Testaments and examine and discuss the impact these women have had on history. We will also discuss the similarities between the woman of the Bible and women of today.  This class will focus on critical thinking. The ability to observe, analyse, communicate and problem solve will be emphasised. 


There is no prerequisite for this course. Bring your appetite for learning and keep your mind open.  


The Bible in any translation. We will also use additional information from various sources. 


  • Assist students in examining the lives of the women of the Bible to better understand their own lives.
  • Discuss the lives of Biblical women and familiarize ourselves with their choices, environment and culture and how we may make  similar choices because of our environment and culture.
  • Observe and define common themes and life issues among the women.
  • Discuss how the women's choices may have influenced future events and how the women of the Bible might influence our lives today and our choices.


  1. Study certain women of the Old Testament and the historical context surrounding each of these women.
  2. Study certain women of the New Testament and the historical context surrounding each of these women.
  3. Compare and discuss the women's various choices in the Bible.
  4. Observe common themes among the women.
  5. Discuss how the lives of each woman have had a possible influence and impact on the history of the world's western (Europe) and eastern (Middle East) civilizations.


Lectures, assigned readings, class discussions, guest speakers, Internet, and videos.

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Additional Studies (Optional)

Virtual Zoom Discussion

Saturday September 10, 2022 (Every 2nd Saturday)

Meeting ID: 830 7810 7950

Passcode: 186884

Decoding the Women of the Bible Podcast 

(Available on PodBean)

In his Podcast course, we will discuss the Women of the Bible in a way never discussed in my classes.

The language in the Bible is the hardest language to understand without knowledge of context, historical background and literary devices. 

What I want to do in this Podcast is decode the language used, look beyond the literary meaning and place each woman in the historical setting in which they thrived.

The purpose of this method is to present a different technique of learning. Critical thinking is an important facet to understanding the written word. "With all your getting, get understanding," is the Biblical plea to God's people. 

When you can understand what you are reading, in the right context, in the right setting, and the right circumstances, you will better understand how the story is intended to benefit you.

Eve's Awakening: A Conversation with My Sisters is a whimsical short story depicting the fictional life of Biblical Eve. The story is taken from the author's imagination and is considered a fiction book for Entertainment purposes only.

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