Following Naked Dancing and Long Dreaming - Chung Hyun Kyung

Falling off the Tightrope onto a bed of Feathers - Darice Jones

A Border Passage: From Cairo to America, a Woman's Journey - Leila Ahmed

Why Women Need the Goddess - Carol P. Christ

White Women's Christ, Black Women's Jesus - Jacquelyn Grant

Take My Yoke upon You, The Role of the Church in the Oppression of African-American Women - Frances E. Wood

The Church and the Second Sex - Mary Daly 

Expressing Anger at God - Carol P. Christ

Women's Religious Studies
Bi-Weekly Discussion
September 9, 2023 - December 9, 2023
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Location coming soon

Women and Religion Discussion Group

In this discussion group we will read and discuss several stories of spiritual women and their religious experiences. We will explore the role that religion plays in shaping family, marriage, and sexuality. The focus will be on the way women experience religion in their daily lives, 

This course will also require journaling. As you read each story you will write in your journal about how each story made you feel, and perhaps write an essay of your own to share with class. 

Stories will be taken from the book "Women's Studies in Religion: A Multicultural Reader by Kathleen McIntosh (Author), Kate Bagley (Author) and can be purchased through Amazon.

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