Talk to God Daily

I can not stress enough the importance of talking to God daily. Without the Lord, we would not wake up and have the opportunity to bring forth another day. Every day is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to get closer to God and others. It is God's desire to bless you and He welcomes your conversation everyday. The great thing about God is that he’s always listening. No matter what you did the day before or what you didn’t do, the Lord is always willing and ready to listen. It doesn’t matter if you have five minutes or 15 seconds, he’ll always be able to give you a shoulder or lend an ear. 

What you have to do is make God a priority. The first thing you do when your eyes open is acknowledge him. Think of God always, without interruption. Communicating with God each day should be viewed as priority. Talking to God daily will give you an internal high that will carry you throughout your day-to-day. Let God be your motivation. Let Him be your guide. Set aside a certain amount of time to speak with God each day. It doesn’t have to be a long amount of time, making God a priority will help you speak freely to your Lord and Savior and He will help you to communicate better with others as God's intention is to make us one. 

The reality is that God surrounds us. No matter how far we move astray or how close we lean our head to his shoulder, he’s present every day. Don't be afraid, there is no right or wrong way to speak with the Lord because he takes everyone exactly the way they are. He knows our pain. He sees our suffering. He knows we have little strength and he is there to build us up. Let God heal you. Tell him of your accomplishments. Speak about your problems and allow Him to offer solutions. God is with you always, you never have to look far. Just call and He will answer.   

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