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Women on the Edge

"Women on the Edge" is a dramatic stage play, depicting the lives of ten women who find themselves on the brink of self-actualization concerning their past or present relationships. Weaving together distinct tales for each woman, the play opens with four young women discussing their emotions as they reminisce about love lost and ends with all the women finding fulfillment when they come to the aid of one of their troubled sisters.

What lies between is the sharing of stories about being on the verge of a breakthrough or a breakdown, expressed through monologue, prose, poetry, song and dance. "Women on the Edge" is a strikingly vivid reminder that before you can have a loving relationship with someone else, you must first form a loving relationship with your inner and spiritual self.

Uplifting and poignant, this play goes back to the basics and shows how the bonding of women - young and old - is as crucial to development as air, food and water. "Women on the Edge" breathes life into the notion that united we stand, divided we fall


Thomas Brown is tormented because he believes that his wife Lisette may have feelings for his wealthy best friend, Robert Moreaux, a rival for her hand and an Orthodox Christian. He wants He wants to make things right, but goes about it the wrong way.

Trying to run away from his life, he falls into a sleazy life of drinking and carousing and falls back to his first love, Jazz music, and into a torrid relationship with a beautiful young singer, Lisa Peterson.

The Stage Play Redemption will be returning to the stage!  After a short run, Playwright Karoline Bethea-Jones will recast the comedy-drama that has had audiences raving!  In this play you'll meet Thomas Brown, a good man who's gone bad; Lisette Brown, his heartbroken yet devoted wife; and Robert Moreaux the best friend who's ready to step in and help in any way he can. Plus who could forget the meddling mothers who only want the best for their child. 

Come with us as we take you on a journey filled with twisted lies, deceit and utter chaos as lives are turned upside down! Watch as the story unfolds right before your very eyes! You won't want to miss this! 

Lord We Need Thee

Inspired by a quote, contributed to Mr. Howard Thurman, "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive,” that is what inspired our Playwright to do what makes her come alive. So today, she pays homage to three individuals that have inspired, not only her, but the world.

In "Lord We Need Thee", our Playwright, Karoline Bethea-Jones, has created a medley that will incorporate the writings of Nina Simone (4 Women), James Weldon Johnson (Listen Lord, a Prayer) and Howard Thurman (O’ God, I need Thee), coupled with a piece of her own (My Heart Cries Out To You) and a medley that consist of portions of the Song of Solomon and the 23rd Psalm.

Become Part of the Drama!

Sisters Helping Sisters in Christ Ministry is once again casting for the Stage Play, Redemption. We are looking for several people to fill a few acting roles for a performance for its Non Profit Fundraiser. 

Most of the roles are small, and a couple are wordy. Most have one appearance, several have more than one.

I am looking for individuals who need to create their acting resume and who need the experience. Little or no experience is ok, you just need to have a desire to follow your dreams. There is no payment for these roles, only the experience and the ability to add to your resume, however, there is the possibility of becoming part of the Drama Ministry and advancing to bigger roles. We have a Performance every year for our fundraiser.

If you have a desire to get on the stage, please feel free to contact me. Our staff will work with you and you will be proud of your performance. The following characters are needed: If you are not in this age group but are able to look and act the part, please feel free to apply.

Character                                  Age Range            Major/Minor
Robert Moreaux                          35-42                         Major
Sophia Mourex                            55-65                         Major
Prince Semisola                          60-70                         Major
Natalia Peterson                         50ish                          Minor
Ivan Peterson                             50ish                          Minor
Judge Harris Over                       50                              Minor

There are several small parts that require one appearance. I am also looking for stage hands and anyone who would like to volunteer their time for this performance. Contact me for additional information.