The Importance of Mentoring


The concept of mentoring has been highly successful in large churches but rarely ventured into by other organizations. Sisters Helping Sisters in Christ Ministry understand that we may be doing our young women a great injustice if we do not provide them with solid direction, advice, leadership and biblical insight.


Young women in our community are faced with many issues and are searching for direction.  I believe that God led me to develop this program, to fill a gap that the church alone will never be able to fill all by itself.

It is impossible for the church alone to try to disciple or mentor the individual needs of our young women, especially if those young women do not regularly attend church.  Sisters Helping Sisters in Christ Ministry provides a safe haven for young women to grow and learn, while applying biblical concepts to real world problems.

Our mentors are Godly women with much wisdom and biblical knowledge, who have dedicated their lives to Christ and have made an honest effort to live their lives according to God's standards. We are not perfect but we strive, through the aid of the Holy Spirit, to live a life that is pleasing to God.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please send a note to Information regarding our mentor training class will be posted shortly.



Mentor: Dr. Karoline Bethea-Jones - East Orange

Mentor: Keyana Jones - East Orange

Mentor: Annie Sims - N. Plainfield

Mentor: Adrienne Scott - Bloomfield 

Member: Anita Crum

Member: Marilyn Cole - Florida 

Member: Eva Sharif - Newark

Member: Thomasina Stallings - N. Carolina

Member: Talia Sores - Texas

Sisters Helping Sisters in Christ Ministry welcomes new members, mentors and mentees!

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