September 18 - June 25

To register for any of the below classes, please go to and enter the code. The codes will be provided for the current Bible study only. If you are interested in a bible study that has not yet started, please send an email to


Online Biblical Studies Classes

Bible Study Codes for

The Study in the book of James -  Access Code:B8R0-82B8

The Study in Faith -  Access Code6DRC-ZJK8

A Study in the Beatitudes, Building Your Spiritual House -  Access CodeHYA9-42G6

A Lesson in The Power Of Prayer -  Access CodeFN58-222H


Advanced Studies, Wisdom & Gnosis: Gnostic Introduction - CodeM63S-AZ38

Advanced Studies, Wisdom & Gnosis: The Gospel of Mary -  Access Code7H9M-777

Advanced Studies, Wisdom & Gnosis: The Gospel of Thomas - Access Code8M0O-Y1P9
Advanced Studies: Wisdom & Gnosis: The Gospel of Truth -  Access CodeR582-887H

Women's Empowerment Bible Study - What we can learn from the Women of the Bible

All of our classes are independent studies due to COVID but there will be scheduled Zoom Meetings. You will always be able to reach your instructor at Use the Easyclass Discussion board to interact with your classmates and your instructors. Once you sign up create a profile for yourself so that your classmates can reach out to you via email. Looking forward to interacting with you!

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