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Legacy Training for Young Women

Welcome to the Nora Lee Bethea Legacy Training for Young Women. Legacy is defined as something that is handed down through family. Nora Lee Bethea, left a legacy behind that consisted of Love, Faith and Charity through studying God's Word, the raising of twelve children, and opening her hand to give to anyone who was in need.  

This training class is a life lessons class incorporating Spiritual Awareness and self-development, created for young women who are searching for direction and seeking a relationship with their Creator as part of their spiritual Journey. Spiritual growth is about reaching out to and connecting with your inner soul and by doing so, we become more harmonious with life around us. 

Each Mentee will learn to develop their own feelings of inner power and strength through powerful lessons of love and faith, found in ALL scripture. You will be introduced to Meditation through meaningful Spiritual Hikes and Nature Walks, Relationship Building through small group discussions, and Spiritual Awareness through the reading of Scripture. 

Every mentee will be assigned a Mentor and she will work one on one with you to encourage the building of strong family relationships that will lead to happier lives. Family is the foundational institution of society ordained by our Creator and we view the foundation of family as being the cornerstone of all we do at SHSIC Ministry. You will learn to take responsibility for your own actions. Choices and Consequences, once learned, changes outcomes. 

There are other wonderful workshops that will be offered in this training. Health and wellness, Financial Literacy, and Relationships are all part of the complete Virtuous Woman Training package. Once you look deep inside yourself, and discover who you are, you will be able to step into your true nature. 

Your true nature is spiritual. We are spiritual creatures having a human experience. Your spirituality is about more than what you want to accomplish or how you want to grow; it’s about who you really are.  

Your spiritual life will determine your character, your perspective, and the way you relate to the world. Before moving on to create personal success and growth, you must first understand the value of feeding your spirit. 

The lessons you will learn here will help you to discover more of who the Creators are and how They made you!. It is a great start into understanding who you are and who you will become.  

For additional information, please contact our Legacy Leader Dr. Karoline Bethea-Jones, Certified Life Coach at shsicministry@gmail.com

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