Drama Ministry

Confronting Your Giants Series

Through our Drama Ministry, we will discuss ways to confront our most challenging situations such as bitterness, Busyness, and fear. Meet Bitter Brenda, Weary Wendy, and Fearful Fanny and help them overcome their giant of bitterness, busyness, and fear. The sessions include a skit followed by a lively discussion leading to productive solutions. Won't you join... 

Women’s Empowerment Series

Through the use of drama and discussion, we will empower and transform our lives to achieve greatness. We spend too much time worrying about "What People Think" and not enough time enjoying the life that God has given us to enjoy. We have been given "Good and perfect gifts" but sometimes we don't realize it.  Sometimes we get gifts we want; other times, we get a gift that we would not have chosen for ourselves. But we can be thankful that the gift was given by one who knows and loves us and intends for us to use it. Then we will be able to step out on faith and move with courage. With our transformed lives we become women who are ready to walk in the world with strength and courage like many courageous women before us. 

Relationship Symposium

Our roundtable discussions will include the topics; A mother's love - Mother/daughter relationships.  Single women, waiting on God - Being single/letting go of toxic relationships, and  Marriage Maintenance - Keeping your marriage hot. The Drama Ministry will perform "A gift she doesn't deserve", monologues from the book “Shattered Dreams and Candy Colored Rainbows” and a stage production “The Husband Center”. Looking forward to seeing you there...

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