Redemption - The Stage Play


Thomas Brown is tormented because he believes that his wife Lisette may have feelings for his wealthy best friend, Robert Moreaux, a rival for her hand and an Orthodox Christian. He wants to make things right, but goes about it the wrong way.

rying to run away from his life, he falls into a sleazy life of drinking and carousing and falls back to his first love, Jazz music, and into a torrid relationship with a beautiful young singer, Lisa Peterson. However, Lisa's parents, Ivan and Natalia Peterson, disapprove of the relationship.

Thomas again tries to run away from this life as well. He wants to kill himself, but lacks the nerve. Meanwhile his wife, presuming him dead, has married the other man.

When Thomas is discovered to still be alive, Lisette is charged with bigamy, and accused of arranging her husband's disappearance.  


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