Fragile Heart

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Where will Stephanie go from here? Her marriage to Terry Collins is on the rocks and a new man has come into her life. While being pulled in every direction by her friends, mother, therapist, and the church, Stephanie is on the verge of a breakdown. Meanwhile Terry has some issues of his own. In too deep with his lies, all of his scheming is about to catch up with him. Can Terry make things right again? Can their marriage be saved through counseling? Can Stephanie succeed in the fashion business with her best friend at her side? At a time when Stephanie and Terry are at their weakest, they must deal with the demons of their past, the confusion of their present, and the hopes for their future. Fragile Heart is the story of two people desperately trying to be whole again. Looking into the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Collins, KarolineBethea-Jones returns with the exciting second installment that will keep you on the edge of your seat..

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