Someone to Love

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Someone to Love is a story about Terry and Stephanie Collins who have been married for fifteen years. Terry has it all; wife, Stephanie, children, career in the music industry and the woman on the side.


"Not a bad book. I was appreciative of how Stephanie overcame her obstacles and found herself. I wasn't appreciative of how she got there or all the screaming that went on unnessasarily with some other characters. It threw the book off for me. But I was made at Stephanie for being naive but realized that is an accurate protrayal of many woman who are in love and choose not to "see" what's already in the light". - Deszion Nasir


As the saying goes, “If you don’t someone else will.” This is the case with Stephanie. Stephanie gets no respect at home so she turns her attention to Justin. A relationship, that rises to another level. There is only one problem with that; Justin is married.

Terry has control issues and Stephanie has a secret. Will they be able to pull it all together before it all falls apart?

Someone to Love started off slow but it did pick up the pace and turned into a well-developed book with characters that were believable. This is the first part of a trilogy and part two is called Fragile Heart. I will be adding it to my reading list". - Sofie

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