REPENTANCE - John the Baptist (John 1:1-34)

FORGIVENESS – Jesus Ministry (John 1:35, 2-12)

REDEMPTION – Jesus' Death (John 12-19)

SALVATION – Jesus Resurrection (John 20)

FELLOWSHIP – Jesus Ascension (John 21)

Lessons from the Gospel of John
Bi-weekly Saturdays
September 10, 2022 - January 28, 2023
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: TBD

As we study the scriptures, we clearly understand that God is a God of order. We learn through Genesis that God had and still has a perfect plan for humankind. Nothing happened by luck; nothing was created by accident. Everything that came into existence was made by Him, in order, according to His will. In the beginning, scripture tells us that God created the heavens and the earth. By His thought, manifested; by His Word, it came to be. The world came to be in chronological order because it was His will to do so.

Before anything in our world came to be, the Creator existed, and everything came to be through Him. Our Creator systematically created everything necessary to accommodate His finest creation, humankind, in the time that He allotted. It was the Creator's desire, from the very beginning, before time existed, to create man to have fellowship with Him in an environment that He created especially for him. Earth and the heavens were created for that purpose, in perfect order. He created a universe, a kingdom, a paradise for you and me out of nothing.

Now, not everyone believes in this manner of teaching. This teaching is not for the unbelievers. It will take a measure of faith to believe this Gospel message. But for, those who choose to believe will discover a creator who had you in mind before the world that you know even began.

Before God formed man out of the dust of the ground, He systematically prepared a place, and when He saw that it was good, He created man, in His image, in His likeness, for His purpose, and that purpose was to fellowship, commune with, walk with, delight in, us! God desired you and loved you from the beginning, long before He created you! And ever since our creation, man has disappointed God. But every since our creation, God has loved man.

Our lesson for the subsequent five monthly sessions will center on God's love and how His great love for us compelled Him to walk among us. To step into our lives, feel our pain, bear our burdens and forgive our sins. We will learn of His great love through John's Gospel in this lesson. We will understand that No one can come to the Father (Jehovah) except through the Son (Jesus) because God, the Father, and Jesus, the Son, are One.

In this lesson, we will understand and acknowledge that there is no forgiveness without repentance, no redemption without forgiveness, no salvation without redemption, and no fellowship without salvation. We will learn and understand God's faithfulness. He was faithful even unto the cross. We will learn of God's power, the Holy Spirit, which He gave to all who believe and will enable us to live Godly lives. 

Lastly, we will learn of the place that God has prepared for all who believe and abide in His Word. Just like in the beginning, when He prepared a place, in the end, He will again, in fact, He already has prepared a place for us. What God has begun, He will complete. 

Join us in this study! Be prepared to learn, change, and disciple!  Additional information will follow. Sign up to be added to the list.

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