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Color of My Heart - SHSIC Members (Presented at 1st Annual Awards Dinner)

Gold: Good Evening. My name is Marilyn Cole. The color of my heart is Gold, representing process and progress. Embracing change has been a challenge. Yet through trials and tribulations my heart has gained wisdom and endurance. This has allowed its luminous shine to be an example of triumph. My heart is inspired and gives God the glory for its transformation. His Grace and Mercy has encouraged me to be a blessing to others, as my heart is always mindful of the energy it radiates through my smile and spirit. The Gold brilliance has attracted some wanting my heart’s wealth and beauty but without fully understanding its values and loyalty. Now this gold heart has been adorned with rare gems to empower, encourage and enhance it with spirituality, support and growth. My family and friends are instrumental in keeping me grounded and my priorities in focus. God has never left me nor forsaken me, even when I didn’t know my heart’s worth. Through it all, my heart is golden making it a precious treasure.


Yellow: My name is Talia. My heart is Yellow. The name Talia means morning dew and rain from God. Yellow represents the Holy Yellow Oil of Grace that falls in drops of rain through God's words. The amber dew rains drops of grace from heaven into our eyes and we are made able to see the spirit of God's kingdom. The sparkling golden drops of yellow rain fall down when we worship and pray. On my journey to grow and strengthen my relationship with the Lord, I have learned that prayer is essential in order for the yellow oil of grace to rain down on me and my family. I now understand that daily prayer for my friends, family, and children is of utmost importance. Through prayer, blessings have truly fallen upon me and my children. Angels pour golden liquid grace into our lives. The yellow glowing grace oil shines, glows, and lights up the faces of angels. My brother passed away and he is my angel who helps pour down the golden oil of grace in my life. I see the glowing yellow light shining in the faces of my sons and my daughter who is soon to come. Golden yellow liquid blessings have truly rained down on me.

Purple: Royalty. This is the strength that God gave me to bear the fruit of kings and queens. This crown upon my head is like a halo, invisible light that only some know, but are not born into. I washed my sins away when I gave my heart to you. The riches of the world are seen in rocks and gems and stones, But with or without pennies to my name you'd get the praise. I'd stand alone and in thine throne. You wait for me to come on home to a kingdom built above the clouds, past where the sun hath shone. The color purple reminds me of God's majesty, His kingship and His kingdom which I have been invited to be a part of.  I am honored to walk in His courts.  I believe it is my duty to hold myself in the highest esteem for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  And as I walk in Christ love as a virtuous woman of God, I thank Him for His grace, His mercy and His loving kindness. I am Adrienne Scott and my heart is Purple!

Orange: Hello, my name is Nia Haynes Kawala. Today, my heart is the spiritual color of orange. Orange is the power of listening to, hearing, seeing and doing the mind of Christ. Orange is red fire of mercy setting the holy oil of yellow grace on fire. When yellow grace is on fire it lights up our faith shield around us. This shield is Jesus’ mind lighting our way. When the lampstand of our mind is lit with the light of Christ’s thoughts, we can see our Father’s will. When we “see” with our hearts what Father God is doing, then we are empowered to do it as well. So, what does all of this have to do with my orange heart? Well, friends and family, orange speaks loudly in testimony of God’s handiwork. Last year I was blessed to see God’s handiwork in my life. It turned out that last year was one of the most challenging years of my life. Had I not given Jesus access to my heart I would not have been able to triumphantly overcome this challenging period. When we seek god, He never lets our oil run dry. When we yield to trusting God, he turns every challenging situation into something He can later use to bring light to someone who needs it. I am forever thankful for God’s favor in my life. 

Red: My name is Eva and red is my favorite color because it symbolizes our communication with Life and the ability to move. More important than this, however is the meaning of the color red in my spirit and soul. This powerful color stands for the Blood that JESUS shed, and died for the forgiveness of the sins of all mankind, for our healing, deliverance, and for our salvation. It is the Fire of His Holy Spirit that cleanses and sanctifies us from vessels of clay to vessels of honor. His red blood cleanses us, and forgives our sins and transgressions. Included in this blood that Jesus shed for all mankind, was forgiveness, healing, salvation, Grace, Mercy, longsuffering…When Jesus shed His blood on Calvary, it was for all of us.   

Green: Hello, my name is Keyana and my heart is green. The color green represents HOPE, BALANCE, HARMONY and GROWTH. Think for a moment about God’s green Earth and envision the beauty and splendor of nature. Green is the color of spring, of renewal and birth, of blooming. Being a child born in April, I have always had an affinity to the spring season. It seems to be the time when I really feel alive after awakening from winter’s slumber.

I started 2014 off knowing that I wanted God to use me in a mighty way. This is what I have been preparing for and I am grateful for my growth over the years. I have strong roots in the Lord that have been firmly planted. God has tended to me like the expert gardener HE is. Ensuring that I make it through all the seasons of my life. Despite bouts of rain, wind, freezing cold, heat waves or even periods of drought, I have been protected and all the work on me was happening below the surface. The part that no one else could see. Even if on the outside it seemed as if a little sprout was nothing to write home about, God knew what the tiny seed would yield in due time.

I am here to give back and use my life to be a blessing to others.  There is a popular term used in recent years called “Going Green.” Many people have become environmentally conscious and are making great efforts to reduce their waste on the planet, helping to improve the overall health of the environment. Well I am letting my spiritual walk be a green one as well. I ask myself, how does what I say and do affect others? What footprint have I left behind in the minds of others? How does my presence impact the health and welfare of my fellow man?

We are all interconnected in our ecosystem. We know that the Earth revolves and everything we put out comes back to us. The brighter your light shines, the better for you and all of us. I know the purpose of our lives is to grow into our highest potential and be the best we can be. It is only when we are confident that we can give the world our gifts that dwell within. Our gifts began as seeds inside of us even before we were born. I recognize that I am a unique, divinely created being with gifts and purpose. Just like a green thumb, I use my green heart to plant seeds in the hearts of others and each day I strive to water them with love and compassion. It is compassion that causes me to seek to understand the pain in others and love that allows me to reach out to them, always offering to help in any way that I can. Green leaves are an indication that a plant is not dead, but growing. My heart is green and I too am still growing.

Blue: My name is Annie V. Sims, affectionately known as Vickey. The Color of my heart is Blue because Blue represents the natural color of water and the sky.  This is the color of Peace and Justice: Peace with God and His Justice, Peace with self, Peace with others.

Like the calmness of a flowing stream patience and understanding are my forte. Often times women come to me with their challenges because they know I have an understanding heart. I’m not judgemental.

Blue is the River of Peace with God’s Law, His Judgements and His Justice. When looking at the sky I see the majesty of God’s

Grace and Love. Blue is the River of Life that helps us to love God’s Laws and want to follow His Divine Will for our lives.

Black: Hi my name is Karoline Bethea-Jones and my color is black.  I represent all the women out there whose heart is black. Maybe it’s a heart darkened from the pain of a broken relationship or the weight of the world that you’re carrying on your shoulder.  Perhaps your heart has been darkened from heartache or despair, depression or worry.  Whatever the reason, today is the day to decide to rise above it all and release your pain.

Did you know that black is not really a color at all? Black is simply an absence of light. I say simply because as gloomy as it feels and as painful as it can be, all it takes is a little bit of light to dispel darkness. When my heart is black, or I’m surrounded by darkness, that is when I realize that I am calling out for transformation. When my heart is black, that is when God speaks to me.  He says, “let there be Light” and the universe listens and Light appears and I can see clearly. Black is my gift of humility giving me the ability to repent to the point of creating ashes out of impurities in my life.

My roots grow deepest during the blackest parts of my life. I reach for the hand of my savior because He promises to be close to me and give me comfort. And my praise is more valuable coming from that dark place. I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear to me; hear my words. Because I hold fast to Him in love, He has delivered me; he has protected me, because I know his name and when I call to him, he will answer me.

So when you find yourself weight down with life’s problems. When you can’t see your way through to tomorrow; that is not the time to fall deeper into your pain, drowning your sorrows in your tears, that’s the time to release your pain into the universe, call on the Lord and allow your creator to heal you.