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Adult Coloring Books  

I know you are probably thinking, "Adult coloring books? What's that all about?" But, this is not your toddler's coloring books! Adult coloring books are very popular these days.  Last year, 12 million copies of coloring books were sold in the United States, up from 1 million in 2014, according to Nielsen BookScan. I for one have found peace and tranquility through coloring and yes, I recommend it for your mind and soul. Adult coloring books relieve stress, it's just that simple. When you take time out of your busy stressful day and pick up a coloring pencil and let your imagination take shape on the pages of a coloring book, you forget about all the things that got you stressed in the first place. 

Sisters Helping Sisters in Christ Ministry would love to invite you to try coloring for stress reduction. If you would like to try it for free, here is a link to a website for free Adult Coloring Pages. Let your imagination move you and have fun and live stress free!


Paint By Number

Another trend that is becoming popular and one that I really love a lot is, Paint-By-Number. I have found this to be one of my favorite ways to de-stress. What I love about painting by number is that when you are done you can really take pride in the finished portrait. You can display it on your wall or give it away as a gift and it really looks professional. Plus, you get your mind and your hands trained for free painting which I have started to do now that I have done so many paint by numbers. I now have confidence to start painting on my own, using my own imagination. 

Last May for my birthday, I invited a few ladies to have a paint and relaxation party. Everyone had such a great time, it was amazing! It was one of my best birthdays ever and I plan to do it again next year on my birthday and all are welcome to join me. What I am trying to do and hope that I have already done is change a few perspectives. Life can be tough if we let it. The trick is not to let it. We have the power within ourselves to live a life that is full of joy and promise.

Yes, hard times do come but it is in those times that we remember we are strong. We know that God will not put on us anything that we can't handle or get through. The Apostle Paul tells us to think on those things that are lovely and good and so we need to channel our thoughts and redirect our mind. If we truly believe that God is in control and all things come together for the good of those who love the Lord and was called for His purposes, then we know there is no reason to worry or stress because God is still in control and He can take care of anything that comes our way. 

With that said, I encourage you all to put aside all of those things that cause you stress and keep your mind off the Lord and pick up a paint brush and glorify the Lord! What do you have to lose except stress? Plus, you will have loads of fun and when you are done painting you will have  a masterpiece!  Amazon has great paint by number kits but there are so many other places that carry them too. Even Michael's carry Paint by number kits, so go out there and explore...